Warm Clothing

As many who read this may know, my wife and I just recently became the parents to a beautiful girl. As I am writing this, she is about to be one month old. She is absolutely wonderful. There is one thing in the last four weeks that stands out to me as I write this devotional: her impatience. Of course she is impatient, Chris, she is a month old! I say that now, but at 4am I am determined to try and have my daughter contemplate the logic of her fussing while I change her.

Our child likes to be snug in her sleep-and-play, which is basically a full-body onesie. Those late nights when I have to change her, she gets furious at her situation because I remove this nice warm clothing and in order to clean her, I have to use a cold, wet, wipe. By the time I go to clothe her again, in that warm much-loved outfit, she is outraged by her situation. She throws her tiny fists around and kicks at me while I am in the process of putting her foot into the leg of the sleep-and-play. She is one month old, she does not understand that I must dress her in order for her to be dressed. She can get as frustrated as she wants, but I still have to go through this process in order to help her even though I know her desire.

Our Father knows more than we do. Psalm 147 says that He calls each star by name and that His knowledge knows no limit. But His knowledge isn’t just at that external level. The author of 1 Chronicles 28:9 writes that “the Lord searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought.” I am like a child before my God. When I look down at my daughter in those late hours, I have no idea what is going on in her mind. I can assume that she is hungry, that she wants her warm clothing, or that she might need changed. The actions I take are those that I believe are best for her in her current state.

God is our father; He knows what is best for us in our present, as well as in His future. So often we throw our fists and kick against His hands determined to receive what we desire even while we push against the one who knows better. While we lay on our changing pads, it’s difficult for us to imagine that the cold is but a temporary part of His process, and His intercession for us. Some moments it is hard to believe that God, our Father, has a warm robe He is about to wrap around His child. “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1).

When we come before our God we can fuss all we want, but we must acknowledge that He is, in fact, our Father who loves us. He loved us in our brokenness and now He is wrapping us in His robe of grace. Just as the father of the prodigal son, who, in abundant grace, cherished that lost child and wrapped him up in his own robe (Luke 15). We fuss and fret with our lives when instead we can take a moment to acknowledge that our Father loves us and knows what is best. His love means that He knows how to make us warm. His love means that He knows what will bring us closer to Him. His love means that we can come to Him and speak of what is on our hearts because He already understands, just like a child learns and then comes to the parent in the joy of that relationship. Today let us recognize who our Father is and take joy that we are in His arms! In prayer, surrender the frustrations of the day and ask for His grace to bring the warmth that comes from Him alone.

Pastor Chris Osterbrock

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